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Raelala's Icon Journal
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alan rickman, allison janney, angel, bono, bradley whitford, buffy the vampire slayer, californication, chris meloni, conan o'brien, dexter, disney movies, eddie izzard, entourage, firefly, fraggle rock, friends, gale harold, harry potter, heroes, house, icons, jay-z., jennifer hudson, john krasinski, jon stewart, kate winslet, law & order: svu, madonna, matthew perry, miami ink, monkeys, movies, music, patrick swayze, pixar, psych, queer as folk, randy harrison, salma hayek, skins, south park, studio 60, the beatles, the care bears, the colbert report, the daily show, the muppets, the office (us), the west wing, the wizard of oz, tv, u2, veronica mars, weeds
This is the icon journal of raelala. Older icons can be found archived here and here.

General Rules:
01. All are for sharing, but please credit to raelala or lilboxes in your keywords.
02. Do not alter or customize these icons or re-use the images in them in any way, shape or form.
03. Textless icons are not bases.
04. Do not hotlink. These are linked off of my server and won't show up anywhere else if hotlinked. Also note: If they stop showing up for people, come back later. Probably too much traffic.
05. I love to know which icons people take, so if you swipe any, please let me know which ones!
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